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When we search for a job we come across the “Test-Driven Development” term a lot but what does it mean? Why this feature is wanted that much by companies? What is the importance of TDD?

Before we talk about TDD, what does “Testing” mean anyway? In general, testing is finding out how well something works. In terms of human beings, testing tells what level of knowledge or skill has been acquired. Humans test other humans to measure them. We all are tested by someone until now, at least in our education life.

Let’s change our aspect to the developer aspect. Does our software need to be tested? Of course, it is. As a human, we can and we will do mistakes. Actually it is very inevitable. …

Let’s Do It PL

Object-Oriented Programming provides many advantages to developers. Like other principles of Object-Oriented Programming, the Polymorphism principle helps us in many ways.

In real life, a person can be many things at the same time. For example, an employee also can be a student and a mother or father. So we can say, he/she has 3 forms at the same time. In the dictionary, “Polymorphism” word means having the ability to have more than one form. We can say humans are polymorphic creatures when considered this point of view.

In Object-Oriented Programming, objects are also polymorphic. We create objects from classes and these objects act on behalf of their classes. So how can we gain many different forms? We remember inheriting other…

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Abstraction is another important principle of Object-Oriented Programming. When developers code, they always seek tidiness and another way to achieving that is Abstraction.

Let’s say we will build a building but there are a lot of phases before the start. One of them is creating a plan for the building. An architect creates a plan, draws a blueprint of the building in detail, and engineers start to build depending on that blueprint. Even the building is finished, that blueprint is useful for adding new features to that building or fixing any kind of damage later.

Developers actually do the same thing in coding. They plan first, then create some related objects and connect them. It is why we are also called engineers in…

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Object-Oriented Programming is built on 4 big principles and one of them is Inheritance. Thanks to this mechanism, developers can easily create objects that have a relationship between them. Also, Inheritance is a very important key to understand other principles.

Object-Oriented Programming started a new era in the coding world. After it was found, developers became capable of putting anything in the real world into the code world. Even we can fly some birds into our codes.

Let’s start with putting a parrot inside of our codes. We can simply create an object named Parrot and we can just create some methods on behalf of its actions and some variables on behalf of its attributes. We can declare a color variable in that object and decide its color and/or create a method named fly() and it is done. …

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Object-Oriented Programming is a very beneficial programming type for creating objects that have data and functions. We usually come across the OOP term and its principles in languages like C#, JavaScript, Java, and many others. In this article, we will touch on one of its 4 principles using Java: Encapsulation.

Before explaining what Encapsulation is, let’s look at its definition. Encapsulation means enclosing something in a capsule for keeping together whatever we put inside. A capsule does not let it's contents out so ingredients can stay together. For example, medicine is some mixture encapsulated inside a pill that we can use when we need it. With that pill, the ingredients of the medicine are the same as the first time it was mixed and the contents inside cannot be changed from the outside.

Let’s change some words there and try to look from the developers’ scope. If we put “Objects”

Let’s Do It PL

With explanation and comparison in Java

Any person who has any experience with coding should have run into the “Arrays” term. But what are these Arrays we talking about? Why do we need them?

Arrays are basically Objects that hold a fixed number of values in a singular type. This means we can store numerical values like integers but we cannot store integer values with characters. But why do we need them? Actually, many companies have to store lots of information in their codes and do many manipulations on these.

In these times coding language creators or developers have to solve these problems and their response…

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